About Us

About Us

At KemKeyTM our team has worked in the specialty chemical industry for more than 30 years. During that time, they have witnessed numerous incidents where chemicals were accidentally transferred into the wrong tanks. While many times these mistakes were minor, causing nothing more serious than ruined chemicals in the tank. However some incidents created a serious scenario with severe consequences.

That mixture of incompatible products has caused full-blown industrial accidents causing property damage, evacuations, injuries and in some instances death.
In researching the problem, we found that there were actually higher occurrences of damage and serious injuries than we realized because many accidents were simply not reported.

We began looking for a solution to the problem and that’s when KemKeyTM, the parent company for KemKey Safety Couplings opened for business.
Over the years we have come in contact with many corporations that have found a simple solution to similar safety issues but no one had come up with a universal solution.

Our engineers set out to help the chemical industry solve this safety problem.
Our vision is to help the specialty chemical industry do everything possible to make it impossible to transfer the wrong chemical into a tank.

KemKey’s standard cam-locking fittings solution has worked for numerous corporations in the chemical industry around the globe. KemKey Safety Couplings now help manage risk, save money on cleanups and chemical disposal, prevent down time, reduce injuries, and most important of all, prevent work-related deaths.