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SAFETY: It’s not an expense, It’s an Investment

About Us

My name is Randy Brown. My wife and I started KemKey™ LLC, the parent company for KemKey™ Safety Couplings. I have worked in the specialty chemical industry for more than 30 years in various positions from training truck drivers to sales and management. During that time we have witnessed numerous incidents where chemicals were accidentally transferred into the wrong tanks. Many times the results of these mistakes were minor, causing nothing more serious than ruined chemicals in the tank. However, in some incidents, the results have been much more severe. The mixture of incompatible products can become a full-blown industrial accident causing property damage, evacuations, injuries, and in some instances, death. Many of these accidents were never reported, nor were any investigations performed outside of the company where the incident occurred. If no one was hurt and the results were contained to the confines of the plant, no governmental agency was informed. Therefore, records of these mistakes are few and difficult to find – but the number of unreported accidents is numerous. I knew there had to be a solution to this problem and that other industries have found individual solutions for similar safety engineer systems to eliminate mistakes. For instance, it is impossible to plug a 110-volt appliance into a 220-volt receptacle, and you can’t put diesel into a gas-powered car or connect an acetylene cylinder to the oxygen connection for a cutting torch. It is about time that the chemical industry joins the parade. My vision is to help the specialty chemical industry do everything possible to make it impossible to transfer the wrong chemical into a tank. This will help companies to manage risk, save money on cleanups and chemical disposal, prevent downtime, reduce injuries, and most important of all, prevent work-related deaths. These factors explain why standard cam-locking fittings that are used to handle any potentially dangerous products need to be replaced with a specialized KemKey™ safety coupling.


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